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Why Are Single-Level Homes Appealing?

While visiting with clients and prospective clients, I always like to know why they are looking at a single-level home. Here are some of reasons brought up in conversation:

1. With Minnesota winters inevitable, some don’t think they can do another one in the country.

2. Some no longer have a need for 4-5 bedrooms, separate dining areas, living areas, etc. Others want to entertain larger groups, yet all be together in one space.

3. Accessibility, accessibility, accessibility. Having a house well laid-out for guests who may have mobility issues, and knowing that someday down the road the homeowner will enjoy the same accessibility is really appealing.

4. Some thought it would be a good idea to have a solid return investment in their portfolio that they can also utilize 24/7.

5. Some were motivated by reduced maintenance.

6. Various types of rehabilitation and therapy can be done in the home if the home is set up for home health care. After all the lock-downs, etc. if homeowners ever need any type of rehab or physical therapy that can be assisted by a home health nurse, the house is set up for it. It is more affordable in the long run and allows one to progress at their own pace, in a familiar place-thus providing housing longevity.

7. Some said they enjoyed the extra cash that they saved on utility bills.

8. It puts adult children at ease for many, many reasons. Adult children tend to like the idea of their loved ones being in a safe and manageable place.

9. Manageability-downsizing the clutter.

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