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Building a New Single-Level Home vs Buying an Existing Single-Level Home

Build a Single-Level Home or Buy An Existing Single-Level Home?

Advantages to building a new single-level home:

1. You can design your home exactly how you want it-for your lifestyle and accessibility needs rather than finding an existing home that might work or needs major renovation

2. New codes and updated technologies make it healthier and more energy-efficient, saving on energy bills and repairs of older fixtures

3. You are able to take advantage of new home warranties.

This new single-level home is scheduled to be built spring of 2023. Call Jared for more information at 507-379-7213

Advantages to buying an existing home:

1. It is move-in ready and you don’t have to go through the building process.

2. The initial cost is usually lower

3. You don’t need to worry about material or labor delays.

This existing single-level home is available to look at. Just call Jared at 507-379-7213

It is always a good idea to look at all the options. No option can guarantee to eliminate possible

surprises, but Encore Single Level Homes will work hard and implement it’s two decades of experience to mitigate those surprises.

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