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Welcome Home, Your Home Your Way

Work With Us to Build Your One-Story Home.

Here's to living out adventures in a home built just for you. Work with Jared Dawson and the Encore Single-Level Homes team to build the single-level home that you've been daydreaming about for years. Take a look at our approach or give us a call to chat about your ideas or take a tour of finished homes. 

Construction Process

Because of the extensive work that takes place under the floor, we do the best to follow an 18-20 week build schedule.  During the pandemic and material shortages some builders were approaching 40-50 weeks.  Our homes during that time were 23-26 weeks.  

Senior couple hugging

Week #9

Week #10

Couple in Nature
Select a Site. 

We have access to multiple development properties across Freeborn County. One of the first steps of the process is identifying which lot is the perfect location for your one story home. 

Develop a Floor Plan.

Want that open kitchen you've been dreaming of for those bake-a-thons with the grandkids? Or need to make sure there's plenty of garage space for your hot rod? Each client is different and with that so is each home. 

Floor Plan
Specify the Details.

It's all in the details so we work with our clients and contractors to hammer out all the details included in building a new home. From cabinetry to plumbing to siding and windows, we help advise on the entire selection process.

Construction Process. 

When it's time to put plans into action we stay in constant contact with our clients and contractors to ensure an efficient and enjoyable construction process. 

Flooring Wooden Floor
Welcome Home. 

Our favorite part of the entire process is seeing our clients step inside the newly completed home of their dreams. Take a look at these incredible people we've enjoyed working with in the past. 

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