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Build High, Sell Higher

Pros to building a new single-level home in a time of record high prices:

1. Build high, sell higher. Even though you build high, you quite possibly could sell your existing home higher. This past year, some of our clients experienced big financial wins by building, even though material prices were high as they were able to sell their traditional/existing home for higher than they imagined.

2. Clients who decided to build were able to get exactly what they wanted; providing housing longevity, rather than settling for something close.

3. Because of shortages in housing, there are now communities offering tax abatement for new construction which saved our clients in those communities thousands of dollars over the next five years.

4. Take advantage of updated energy and safety rebates as well as new construction warranties.

5. Save big headaches and money on utilities. Our clients have realized huge savings in their utility and maintenance costs, especially those coming from larger properties or farms.

If you speak to a realtor, they will encourage you to buy something on the market even if it isn’t exactly what you want. If you talk with a builder the best option in their mind is to build a new single-level home. We specialize in both and can help decide what works best for you.

Do your due diligence and you will be way more satisfied with your decision. Contact us now to find out what your current home is worth (license BC 740262), draw up your new home (lic BC 740262), and let us help you take the exciting Next Steps to No Steps!

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