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Looking back on sunflower fields of hope

When I look back on 2020 there's no doubt that one experience stands out above the rest. When my family agreed to go along with my cousin Jonny's idea and planted sunflowers on our farm we thought maybe a few people would stop by. We never imagined the way people would find joy in our fields. I put together a little video to retell the story. Take a look at one of my highlights of 2020:

If you'd like to see some of the cool pictures and videos people have shared with us along the way, take a look at this compilation video from a bunch of talented people that highlights some of the moments enjoyed in the sunflower fields:

Thanks to video creators and photographers including Justin Coleman, Buck Monson Photos, Darcy Sime Photography, Ariel and Johanna Reyes, and countless others who shared their memories with Fish Sunflowers. Also thanks to for the music.

See more at or by checking out the Fish Sunflowers Facebook page.

Thanks for looking back on this incredible experience with me. Hope everyone is having a great start to 2021.



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